Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Nicely Toasted - Show 011 - April 24th 2012 - Dirty Diamonds take over Nicely Toasted

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Upload MP3 and download MP3 using free MP3 hosting from Tindeck. Due to unforeseen circumstance I was 35 minutes late to the show today. I was due to interview the band 'Dirty Diamonds' but instead they decided to take the whole show over in my absence. Not only that but they stole the podcast when I went for a post show piss. They are holding the show ransom over on their Facebook page. If you want to listen to this weeks show you're going to have to go here: NICELY TOASTED - Dirty Diamonds. TAKE OVER!!! I have to play a Dirty Diamonds song every week for the next four weeks in return for my podcast.

Look at this shit "Rock n' Fucking Roll! Yeaaaaaaaahhh!!! We we supposed to do an interview for this shitty radio show in cork today but the presenter was so late we took over the show, Dirty Diamonds style! We fucked shit up for the hour, read out his shitty emails on-air, and played some proper fucking music (not any of that Snow Patrol shit). We stole the podcast too when he went outside, so now he can't put it up on his shitty Nicely Toasted "website". It's a BLOG not a website dick head! Dirty Diamonds rule the airwaves!! Fuck yeah!!"
UPDATE: The podcast is now posted beneath the Dirty Diamonds flyer above.