Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Nicely Toasted Show 001 - January 24th - 2012 (Aliens & Diamonds)

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On todays show we speak with Lee Patrick Hanks. An expert in all things extra terrestrial. With the recent sightings over Ireland we decided to call in a man who knows plenty about the subject. Lee (on the phone from California) speaks to Stephen about his experiences with E.T's in the early 80's, the different types of alien, the results of his abduction, 2012, and much more.For more on Lee Patrick Hanks check out his website: http://www.newworldintegrations.com/
We are also joined by 'Dirty Diamonds' the most rock n roll band in the country. They fill us in on their Spinal Tap moments and we preview some music from their new EP.